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If you’re interested in buying a copy of my adaptation of L. Frank Baum’s A Kidnapped Santa Claus, you’re in luck! I will personalize it, do a little doodle and send it directly to your home via Priority Mail. 

The book itself is hardcover, 72 b&w pages and is suitable for all ages. It adapts Baum’s story about a group of daemons who try to ruin Christmas by (spoiler!) kidnapping Santa Claus. It’s up to his loyal assistants to try and save the day!

If you are interested, simply send $25 to my PayPal account at comicbookalex (at) Make sure you include your address and to whom you would like it inscribed!

Canadians: add $5. 

Everywhere else: add $10. 

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    Buy his things! With doodles!
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    I bought a copy for my sons Elliot and Henry last Christmas and it’s become a favorite! Do this!
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